Electronic Banking

Convenient Banking

Convenience adds up to less stress and extra time in our day. It’s simple… when we can accomplish something in an easier way, we have more time for the things and people that matter most to us. Convenient Banking offers a variety of ways to bank that will save you time and simplify your routines.


Online Banking
Mobile Banker

Direct Deposit
MasterCard QuickCheck Card

Online Banking & Online Bill Pay

It is so easy to know your account balance and to verify your transactions with Online Banking. Once you’ve signed up, you can access your account via the internet. Online banking simplifies keeping an eye on your teenager’s account.

  • See all of your accounts (including transaction details).
  • Transfer money between your accounts.
  • Make loan payments.
  • Pay your bills.

Online Bill Pay is the easiest way to make recurring payments that are the same amount each month. And for payments that vary, paying your bills is still much easier than writing checks and putting them in the mail.

  • Enter your biller information just one time.
  • Then, from month to month, simply enter your payment amount and date.
  • Your bills will always be paid on time – a great way to keep your credit score healthy!

Click here to sign up for Online Banking. You can also sign up for Online Bill Pay from here.


Mobile Banker

Free & Quick Access to Account Information - Even pay bills!

Search for the FPSB My Bank App in the Apple Store or Google Play.  Enter your FPSB Online Banking login information and start banking! 

Works with any Mobile Phone...

  • Text Banking
  • Downloadable App
  • Mobile Browser Standard message rates apply.  Must have MCSB Online Banking.


Telebanker is now EZBanker with improved menu options. EZBanker, 24-hour telephone banking, is another great way to stay in touch with your accounts. You simply call 1-855-EZBANKER, tollfree, enter a password of your choice, and follow the options.

  • Check your balance.
  • Transfer money between accounts.
  • Make loan payments.

Save 1-855-EZBANKER (1-855-392-2653) in your cell phone so you’ll be ready to call and check your balance!

Click here to sign up for EZBanker

Click here for EZBanker instructions



Environmentally Friendly, Secure & Available 24/7!

For customers that prefer everything electronically, we offer electronic statements.

  • View all of your statements, anytime, at your convenience.
  • Eliminate concerns over your sensitive financial information waiting in your mailbox until you get home.
  • Receive an e-mail when your statements become available.

Click here to signup for e-Statements


Direct Deposit

We always look forward to getting a paycheck, but then there’s the trip to the bank. With Direct Deposit, your money gets automatically and immediately deposited into your checking account on payday.

  • There’s no chance of forgetting to make your deposit… it will be there for you!
  • Need cash? Stop by any ATM or get cash back when you pay using your QuickCheck Card.


MasterCard Debit Card

The MasterCard Debit Card is the most convenient way to pay, wherever Mastercard is accepted! Plus, you’ll appreciate the details that show on your checking statement - you’ll see where you spent your money instead of just a check number! Use your card to get cash, check balances, and make transfers at ATMs. Feel more secure…In the event of unusual activity, you will receive a call from our enhanced fraud monitoring service.

It’s easier to pay for gas, groceries, and dining out using your Deibt Card!

  • Swipe your card and enter your PIN to pay as a debit transaction. Or, swipe your card, hit cancel to pay as a credit transaction, and sign your receipt. Either way, your transaction will be deducted from your FPSB checking account.
  • Immediately see your Debit Card transactions when using Online Banking
  • Get your transaction details immediately when calling 1-855-EZBANKER (tollfree).
  • Up to 3 checking and 3 savings accounts can be attached to your card.

Click here for a MasterCard Debit Card Application



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